Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Great Beef

For Christmas we gave ourselves 30 lbs of grass fed meat from Lazy 69 Ranch in Northern California. Part of my pregnancy diet is having beef every day and having a freezer full of beef cuts makes that easy.

Why eat grass fed beef?
  • very low in saturated fat
  • high in Omega-3's, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and CLA's (conjugated linoleic acids---very good for you fats)
  • cooks faster (because of the low fat content)
  • you are what you eat...a grass fed animal eats only what they're made to eat (grass!) instead of what factory farm cows eat...garbage, stale pastry, chicken feathers, and candy, corn and soybeans
  • it tastes fantastic!
Dan (rancher/owner of Lazy 69) is taking orders for April. He offers free shipping on 30 lbs (don't worry it will fit easily into your freezer). I love the variety of cuts he sent me...everything from ribs to sirloin tip,Chateaubriand (fancy!) and of course ground beef. All delicious and healthy...I'm a happy customer.

You can email him at:

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