Thursday, February 12, 2009

Remedies for Cough and Cold Season

Two simple things that you have in your cupboards can help rid you of those colds and coughs that everyone seems to have right now.

First up, hydrogen peroxide. When you feel a cold coming on grab your bottle (and an eye dropper if you happen to have it--they cost a buck at the drugstore), lie on your right side and have someone put three drops into your left ear. It will feel a little cold and fizzy but give it about 5 minutes then roll over and repeat on the other side. You'll want a tissue for when you roll over as the peroxide will drain from your ear. Do this every 3-4 hours until that cold disappears.

P.S. Don't panic if someone you love walks by and sees bubbles fizzing out of your ear, it just means the peroxide is doing it's job...killing off infection.

Next there's Apple Cider Vinegar. This remedy comes from Shane's Grandpa Hatch. He's 89 years old and has used this remedy his whole life...he swears by it!

When you start to feel a tickle in your throat or you have the beginnings of a cough, run to your kitchen and drink 1 TBS. of apple cider vinegar. Actually Grandpa says you can use white vinegar too I just think ACV tastes way better.

What else can you do to stay healthy this winter?
  • Sleep 8 hours every night
  • Go to bed early (by 10 PM)
  • Eat your veggies
  • Less sugar and white flour
  • Less stress and more fun (hopefully before 10 PM)

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Kristin said...

I love everything on your blog! We tried this tonight on a few of us, and I'm going out to buy some essential oils tomorrow! Does your lttle person like brushing with the oils?