Saturday, March 28, 2009

What I Drink Every Night.

My midwife Sue recommended this to me. The taste grew on me after a few days and now I love it! The herbs in the tea are great for toning your uterus (getting it ready for childbirth). I love drinking it at night before bed to help me relax and wind down.

One tip for steeping the tea: After you pour boiling water over the teabag cover your mug with a plate and let it steep for 10-15 minutes. That way you'll get the full benefits of all those herbs.

Ingredients: Organic Spearmint Leaf, Organic Bitter Fennel Fruit, Organic Rose Hip, Organic Alfalfa Leaf, Organic Lemon Verbena Leaf

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Bradford Bunch said...

Congrats on the pregnancy, I did not know, hope things are well with you. I love your blog, it is funny how our lives are so much a like. I just changed my detergent to baking soda about two weeks ago and then read your blog to find that you posted about it. We have also been tossing around the idea of another baby (like we do not already have our hands full) I have always had MD births and have been tossing around the idea of a home birth but I think I am to ck. I would love to know your experience with it email me