Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm a Believer (by Alicia)

Sage and Alicia

Everyone who gets adjusted has a story:

"My baby's colic went away"

"My headaches are gone"

"My period is regular"

or just plain
"I feel great now!"

I've always loved getting adjusted. In my 6 years of being adjusted by Shane no more debilitating menstrual cramps, no more migraines, no daily headaches. I'm a believer for sure. But now I have an even more amazing story to tell.

The last few weeks of getting adjusted my lower back has been very tight and not "popping". The last few weeks I've been a bit constipated and then less than a week ago I began having symptoms of a bladder infection....strong smelling, dark urine, pain during urination and after. Yuck! Last thing I need right before baby comes. My midwife recommended pure cranberry juice along with a few supplements. I started the regimen she recommended but even after a few days still felt a lot of pain.

Shane was sure that once my low back adjusted, the nerve flow to my bladder and colon would be at it's optimum. Then he gave me an amazing lumbar (low back) adjustment. I felt so good afterward and by by the end of that night there was no more pain. The next day I felt great, everything bladder related was back to normal AND at long last I errrr...unloaded.

That's the power of the adjustment.

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Cannon and Kassie said...

awesome!! how nice to have a chiro in da house! i'm going to take major advantage while i'm there :)