Friday, June 20, 2008

Kickin' it Raw Style

Shane lived milk-free in the Phillipines for 2 years while he served a mission for our church. When he returned home he couldn't drink milk or eat milk products without some errr let's say serious consequences. He was lactose intolerant.

We found out about raw milk 2 1/2 years ago and Shane brought home a quart one night for us to try. We gingerly took sips expecting to drop dead at any moment but to our surprise it tasted delicious and it didn't kill us. Not only that, we both could drink it without feeling sick.

Raw milk is unpastuerized, unhomogenized, no growth hormones or antibiotics...straight from the cow to your table.

A few benefits of raw milk:
  • contains all 22 essential amino acids (a perfect food!)
  • contains lactase, an enzyme that digests lactose (milk sugar)...when you heat milk (pasteurization) you kill lactase...that's why people are lactose intolerant
  • chock full of probiotics (good bacteria), enzymes and vitamins (A & D)
Now we love all raw dairy. It tastes great and it's great for you. Nature made it and we shouldn't mess with it.

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