Saturday, June 21, 2008

One Thing Cleans It All

White vinegar is (in my humble opinion) the greatest cleaning product EVER.

Smelly clothes? Throw a cup on vinegar in the washer with those stinky clothes.
Greasy, grimy counters? Spray vinegar on and wipe away (no streaks!)
Spotty mirrors? Straight vinegar and a lint free cloth and you're set.
Dirty cutting boards after cutting raw meats? Spray on some vinegar.

See where I'm going with this? Vinegar cleans everything! It leaves no odor and best of all it's totally safe. And it's cheap. Less than $2 for a gallon bottle at Walmart.

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Bradford Bunch said...

I just found your website from Carly's blog designs, she is a good friend, anyway, thought a lot of your posts were similar with my lifestyle, My husband too is a chiropractor and thus we try to live the most healthy we can and thus I use vinegar to clean everything. I love it I do not have to worry about my kids getting into my cleaning closet and getting hurt. Love Love your office, we are just starting up and opening our own practice in the next month. Any suggestions, I would love to hear.