Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chiro Philosophy 101: Life Without Fear

BJ Palmer, Founder of Chiropractic

Whenever you see the picture of BJ, you know Dr. Shane is throwing some chiropractic philosophy your way. You ready?

"I believe that understanding the chiropractic philosophy gives one a life without fear. The knowledge of normal human physiology derived from the understanding of chiropractic philosophy reveals to one's mind that man’s body, under most circumstances, is capable of comprehending and adapting to it’s environment. Health, in general, is a reflection of proper body function rather than the result of the invasion of pathogens and infectious organisms. The dreaded fear of disease seen in those who truly believe in the germ theory of modern medicine could be laid to rest if they but realized the fact that their own bodies harbor most of the organisms that they fear." - Dr. Fred H Barge, D.C.

Regular chiropractic adjustments, along with a healthy lifestyle produce consistent results: a great life of health and wellness.

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