Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Trip To the Farm

I consider all Californians rich...not in terms of money but because we have access to fresh foods all year round. With CA's incredibly long growing seasons we can have wonderful fruits and veggies in abundance any month of the year.

Southcoast Farms

Sage and I enjoy shopping at the Laguna Hills Farmer's's small (a plus with a toddler) and there's lots of organic produce to be found (the strawberries are killer). The FM will be closed tomorrow so today we decided to head down to Southcoast Farms in San Juan Capistrano. It's 30 acres of goodness.....from tomatoes and strawberries to chard and even gorgeous sunflowers. Sage snacked on fresh apricots on the ride home and tomorrow we'll enjoy some of their luscious strawberries on our pancakes and fresh corn in our corn chowder.

P.S. Moms with little ones...Southcoast Farms has chickens and bunnies to check out and old tractors to climb on

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