Monday, August 11, 2008

The Effect of The Big Red Pill

A placebo is simply a benign substance, like a sugar pill. It’s widely acknowledged that 30% of all healing is due to the placebo effect. That includes chiropractic care.

One study of the placebo effect involved a group of people suffering from headaches. The first group of headache sufferers were given nothing. The second group of headache sufferers took a small white pill that was nothing more than a placebo. And the third group was given a large red pill, also a placebo. Each group was told their particular treatment would help headaches and they were to record their symptoms in a journal.

Can you guess which group improved the most? The group with the large red pill showed the most improvement, simply because they REALLY BELIEVED that their particular treatment would help.

The mind is a powerful thing. Believe that you can have excellent health, believe that what you are doing will help. Believe that chiropractic adjustments will restore normal nerve function...and it will.

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